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    - What you need to begin this project
    - How the course is structured
    - What processes you will learn
    - How to use the resources available
Easy Navigation

The problem with uploading to YouTube is that navigation becomes hard, especially when trying to follow an online school. Unless it’s in a playlist (which can be troublesome to find) you have no idea where to start, what you need to learn, and why you need to learn it. This school puts everything in an easy to understand format and helps you get the most from this free course.

Bite-Size Chunks

I get it, it’s a pain in the arse when you need a reminder on a small process made within a video, yet you need to sift through a 40 minute long video to find it. Instead of 40 minute videos, this course is broken down into small manageable chunks meaning it’s far easier to find what you’re looking for.


The optional plans for this course come at no cost and you can download them here.


The timber I used for this project was sourced from a DIY and Home supplier. It’s a cheap softwood that gives a beautiful understated look once complete. Saying that however, you could of course make this from any material you desire. Just be sure to get it square first!


How to Cut a Dovetail Halving Joint

This is probably one of the most important joints to master when it comes to cross grain joinery. Learn how to cut it here!

How to Sharpen a Chisel

A plough plane blade is relatively thin, thus is much the same as sharpening a chisel. Learn how to sharpen one here!

How to Sharpen a Plane

My favourite magnetic saw guide. Designed by Jonathon Katz-Moses

A-Grade Masur Birch & Bronze - Image 2 (Optimised).jpg

Want your own Custom Marking Knife?

A stunning range of hand crafted, bespoke marking knives in a range of high quality woods and ferrules.

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