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Joinery is a fine balance between function and aesthetics. The spectrum varies from joints that look nice but have minimal strength, such as mitres. To joint that have an incredible amount of strength, yet lack any interesting aesthetics, such as mortice and tenons. In this section, you will not only learn about the application of these joints, but how to cut them entirely by hand in an efficient and accurate manner.


How to Cut Basic Joinery

In this section, you will learn how to layout, cut and refine joinery for maximum strength with zero gaps. These joints will be used in the upcoming projects so be sure to put in a lot of practice.


How to Cut Intermediate Joinery

These joints tend to have very specific applications such as chair making, carcass construction and drawer making. This makes them essential learning for any fine woodworker.


How to Cut Advanced Joinery

These joints can be very useful when constructing complex carcasses and also develop your layout and accuracy when marking out. Being able to produce these joints accurately is essential to the upcoming projects.

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