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We're finished! Thank you to everyone who stuck around with this series. I hope you enjoyed watching / making it as much as I did. This video is an overview of the entire process from start to finish. Let's take a trip down memory lane...


    - What skills you learnt
    - What you can move onto next
    - The finished cabinet


My 5 Favourite Tools for Hand Cut Joinery

Want to know what my favourite tools are for hand cut joinery? This video will talk you through everything that I could not live without in my workshop.

5 Tips to INSTANTLY Improve Your Dovetails

If you’re looking for some extra little tips to help you with your dovetailing, there are some great pointers in this video that will help you to improve everything from your marking out to sawing to chiselling.

The Dovetail Box Project

Looking for an easy project that eases you into the world of fine woodworking? Here's the project for you!

A-Grade Masur Birch & Bronze - Image 2 (Optimised).jpg

Want your own Custom Marking Knife?

A stunning range of hand crafted, bespoke marking knives in a range of high quality woods and ferrules.

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