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In this video, I’ll show you how to cut the mitres for the box carcass. This step involves the creation of a mitre jig which can be created both by hand and by machine. But the accuracy in which you make this will dictate the outcome of your joints. So be sure to take care with it.

Most importantly, do not dry assemble the box with the lid and base fitted at the same time. You will not be able to get it apart. Instead, test them one at a time!


    - How to create a paring jig
    - How to rough cut the mitres
    - How to pare away material
    - How to refine the joint


Adjusting Dovetail Pins

Its that scary time, it’s time to cut the mitres. This lesson focuses on the construction and use of a mitre paring jig to ensure your joints are crisp and gap free. It’s also an incredible satisfying process!

How to Cut a Mitred Dovetail

If you’re looking for some extra little tips to help you with your mitred dovetails, this video is for you!

My 5 Favourite Tools for Hand Cut Joinery

Want to know what my favourite tools are for hand cut joinery? This video will talk you through everything that I could not live without in my workshop.

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A stunning range of hand crafted, bespoke marking knives in a range of high quality woods and ferrules.

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