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In this video, I’ll show you how to how to accurately sand the box, as well as clean up the hardware, in preparation for finishing.


    - How to sand faces
    - How to sand edges
    - How to remove scuff marks
    - How to quality check


Micro-Mesh Pads

In this video, I’ll show you how to sand the toolbox to ensure a consistent finish, and an almost seamless gap between the lid and carcass. Don’t rush this stage, we’re not there yet!

My 5 Favourite Tools for Hand Cut Joinery

Want to know what my favourite tools are for hand cut joinery? This video will talk you through everything that I could not live without in my workshop.

The Dovetail Box Project

Looking for an easy project that eases you into the world of fine woodworking? Here's the project for you!

A-Grade Masur Birch & Bronze - Image 2 (Optimised).jpg

Want your own Custom Marking Knife?

A stunning range of hand crafted, bespoke marking knives in a range of high quality woods and ferrules.

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